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18th October, 2013 Comments are closed

Why We Overseed & What to Expect

We over-seed because in our climate we have cool season turf grasses like rye and warm season turf grasses like Bermuda. By using both, we can have year round green lawns.

Here is what to expect during the upcoming Winter Lawn Conversion


  • Mow height is reduced
  • Lawn irrigation is reduced
  • Lawns will start to yellow and begin to turn brown


  • Mow height is further reduced
  • Lawn irrigation is further reduced
  • Lawn is looking brown


  • Mow height is reduced down another notch
  • Lawn irrigation is turned off completely
  • Lawns have been tricked into dormancy because of lack of water and are brown


  • Overseeding with winter grass occurs
  • Lawn irrigation is set to frequent but light intervals to hydrate seed.

Winter grass seed germination will start to occur at about 10-14 days. After approximately 21 days, most of the seed will have germinated and mowing will commence. Bare spots will be hand seeded and covered with a light layer of mulch to ensure you have a beautiful winter lawn.