The implementation of proper commercial landscape fertilization and weed control programs are essential elements in maintaining healthy and attractive landscapes on your property. Our deep-root fertilization program supplements the natural occurring essential mineral elements in the soil in order to achieve optimum plant growth and in keeping your grounds green and vibrant throughout the year. High quality fertilizers promote lawn and plant growth, while targeting unwanted weeds.

The AME Landscape Companies’ team involved in these programs has years of successful hands-on experience to recommend and perform the most all-inclusive fertilization and weed control services that you need for you commercial property. We only use the highest quality fertilization and weed control products from reputable manufacturers.

AME Landscape Companies’ Licensed Pesticide Applicators provide physical and chemical methods to control and stop weeds prior to reaching maturity on your property.  Our Weed and Pest Control Divison also provides olive fruit prevention, deep root fertilization, and decomposed granite stabilization. We will work with you to ensure your property is receiving the best weed and pest control plan.

  • Pre and Post Emergent
  • Deep Root Fertilization
  • Growth Regulator Applications
  • Olive Fruit Prevention
  • Insect and Disease Control
  • Turf Reduction Programs (Eradication of existing turf grass through the use of chemical applications)