AME Landscape Companies Arbor Care Services

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12th December, 2013 Comments are closed

Rocking Trees!

pruned palo verde

Professional arbor care encompasses more than just removing the occasional tree limb. One important arbor care practice for the valley metro area is crown thinning. Crown thinning is the selective removal of interior branches to increase air movement through the canopy so that monsoon winds won’t topple and uproot the tree. Another important arbor care practice that is often overlooked is drip emitter relocation to the tree canopy edge so that an expanding root system is encouraged. The wider and deeper root system will increase the anchoring of the tree. Newer landscapes will require attention to the staking and guying of younger trees for proper trunk support and to prevent “root rocking” which can break newly grown roots.

March is an excellent month to schedule AME Landscape Companies Arbor Care services so that one of your landscape’s most valuable assets, your trees, are properly prepared for monsoons.