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21st January, 2014 Comments are closed

Planting Vegetables in the Cool Season



It’s one of our 2014 Top Landscape trends – Edible Gardens! But knowing what to plant and when to plant is key to having a successful garden.

Vegetables are generally placed into two categories: cool season crops and warm season crops.

Cool-season vegetables include beet, broccoli, cabbage, carrot, lettuce, onion, pea, potato, radish, spinach and turnip. Because they are hardy or frost tolerant and germinate in cold soil they can be planted in winter or early spring depending on location. For best quality these crops need to mature during cooler periods rather than in the heat of the summer.

Warm-season vegetables include beans, cucumber, eggplant, melons, pepper, pumpkin, squash, sweet corn, sweet potato and tomato. These do not tolerate frost but need warm temperatures to set and properly mature fruit. However, temperatures too high reduce quality; ex.- sunburn fruit, poor colored tomatoes and poor ear fill in sweet corn.

Happy Planting!