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11th November, 2013 Comments are closed

November in the Know

Our extreme temperatures of summer have just barely diminished but it is a great time  to  think about getting your landscape ready for the winter months considering the freezing temperatures we had last winter.

Follow these tips to avoid potential frost damage:

  • End all fertilization now of frost-tender plants such as bougainvillea, oleander, hibiscus, natal plum and citrus now to prevent new lush, easily frost damaged growth.
  • Avoid pruning tender plants as pruning will encourage new lush growth.
  • Reduce irrigation to frost-tender plants as the weather cools and day length shortens.  This helps the plants go into dormancy and prepare them for frost.
  • Avoid additional frost damage by keeping citrus trunks loosely wrapped with burlap during winter months.
  • Move outdoor potted plants that are frost susceptible into protected areas as containers don’t offer much root insulation.
  • During frost warnings, cover your plants as needed with burlap or frost blankets, never plastic.