March Maintenance Activities

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3rd March, 2015 Comments are closed

March Maintenance Activities

Here’s a peek at what AME will be working on at your property this month.


Maintenance Activities for the Month of March: 

  • Mowing, raking, edging and trash/leaf collection
  • Tree & shrub pruning will be minimal until late February or early March, except for corrective or access pruning. Cutting back of lantana, bird of paradise, bougainvillea and frost damaged plants will continue through March and into April
  • All plant material will continue to be monitored for disease or pest infestation
  • Fertilization of cool season turf grass and annual flowers
  • Application of a pre-emergent herbicide on all turf and decomposed granite (dg) areas will be completed this month
  • Olive Stop Applications will continue this month
  •  Annual flower change-out planning will begin this month, bed preparation and renovations can begin in the last week of March
  • Monitor and adjust irrigation water as needed
  • Monitor dormant bermuda grass for weeds and address where needed

Available Optional Services:

  • Pre-emergent spraying for spring weed control
  • Olive Tree Spraying to prohibit flower & fruit production
  • Tree Staking Maintenance for additional storm protection
  • Landscape Renovations to upgrade your property
  • Irrigation Modifications for more water efficiency
  • Pruning of Deciduous and Evergreen Trees