July Maintenance Activities

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5th July, 2016 Comments are closed

July 2016 Maintenance Activities


  • Lawns will be mowed at  1 1/2” in height and watering will occur five to six times per week.
  • Warm season annual flowers will be watered at five to seven times per week depending on weather conditions. Fertilizer will be applied to annual color every two weeks.
  • Pruning of growth “spikes” on  woody shrubs and ground covers will occur. 
  • Mowing, raking, edging and trash/leaf collection in landscape areas (weekly basis).
  • All plant material will continue to be monitored for disease or pest infestation.
  • Application of post-emergent herbicide on all decomposed granite (dg) areas will be completed as necessary.
  • Shrub rejuvenation pruning
  • Landscape Architecture  for new and existing properties
  • Irrigation water auditing & turf reduction plans
  • Pruning of deciduous & evergreen trees
  • Tree irrigation emitter relocation
Please Contact AME Landscape Companies and allow us the opportunity to explain additional options that are available to you.