January Maintenance Activities

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19th January, 2016 Comments are closed

January 2016 Maintenance Activities

January Maintenance Activities 

Rye Lawns will be mowed at 2” in height and watered twice per week.

Cool season annual flower will be watered once to twice per week and fertilized every 2 weeks

Hard pruning of Red Bird of Paradise continues, Lantana pruning begins, shrub rejuvenation of sages continues, rejuvenation of ornamental grasses begins.

Begin moving tree drip irrigation emitters towards canopy limits.

Monitoring of frost warnings and covering of annual flowers accordingly.

Mowing, raking, edging and trash/leaf collection (weekly basis)

All plant material will continue to be monitored for disease or pest infestation

Application of post-emergent herbicide on all decomposed granite (dg) areas will be completed each service visit



  • Pre-emergent spraying for spring weed control
  • Olive tree spraying to prohibit flower & fruit production
  • Landscape renovations to upgrade your property
  • Pruning of deciduous & evergreen trees