Growing with AME

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5th December, 2013 Comments are closed


AME Landscape Companies

Old AME LogoIn 1973 AME Southwest began as a small lawn service company with two trucks, a few mowers and some small tools. Due to our commitment to quality and customer service we carved out a niche for ourselves and acquired a customer following that enabled us to grow a small company into a thriving business that was expanding the service capabilities that we were able to provide to our customers. These services included grounds maintenance, landscape installation and irrigation repair.


AME Southwest LogoBy 2004 due to our growth we continued to refine and expand our service capabilities to include all six of our service areas. These include Landscape Architecture, Landscape Construction, Grounds Maintenance, Irrigation Water Management, Arbor Care, and Weed and Pest Control. Throughout our expansion we continued to strive for quality and excellence in order to provide our customers with exceptional service in every service category.


AME Landscape CompaniesOver the last two years we decided to re-brand ourselves to better reflect who we have become as a comprehensive landscape service provider. In our evolution from a lawn service company to a full service landscape company we have increased our quality staff and technology to help make our passion for landscaping a reality. We have grown over the years from a two truck operation to more than 250 full time employees, a fleet of over 100 vehicles, and we now manage many of the best landscapes throughout the Valley. It is our goal to bring our passion for landscaping and our landscaping systems, with all of your help, to multiple markets in 2014. Part of doing that is making our brand recognizable as a symbol of comprehensive quality and value added services utilizing a holistic approach. We are preparing ourselves for the future using cutting edge technology and a Customer Relationship Management System that we custom created for the sole purpose of providing superior service and communication to our customers. This task was undertaken by Michael Garduno Jr. who continues to create and implement new ways for our CRM system to be even more comprehensive and useful to our customers. With the added help of our financial team preparing us for the future and the efforts of our sales team and the steadfast hard work of our operations team we are geared up for even bigger and better things ahead. Stay tuned to our social media which will keep you abreast of our progress and growth!