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May 5, 2015

May 2015 Maintenance Activities

May 2015 Maintenance Activities  Lawns will be mowed at 1 1/2” in height and irrigated  4 times/week. Cool season annual flower replacement continues with warm season annuals.  They will be watered  3 times/week and fertilized every two...
Apr 7, 2015

April 2015 Maintenance Activities

April 2015 Maintenance Activities  Rye Lawns will be mowed at 2” in height and watered 4 times per week. Cool season annual flower will be watered three times per week and fertilized every 2 weeks Hard pruning of Yellow Bells, Lantana and Orange...
Apr 7, 2015

In the Know: April 2015

Four Steps to a Smooth Lawn Transition As temperatures continue to rise, you may begin to notice your lawn changing color as the winter ryegrass begins wilting. Many times people will see this change as a sign of water distress, thus increasing...
Mar 24, 2015

Winter Lawn Transition

Now that it has warmed up, winter rye grass lawns are l ooking stressed. This is a natural process as the winter grass wilts and the underlying warm season Bermuda grass starts to wake up. AME Landscape Companies has already begun transitioning...