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10th December, 2013 Comments are closed

Arizona Turning to Rainwater Harvesting

U of A rain water harvesting garden

Many municipalities in the state of Arizona are now requiring incorporating rain water harvesting design to provide newly planned commercial landscapes with supplemental water. Rainwater Harvesting, in a nutshell, is simply the capture, diversion and storage of rainwater. Even small residential properties can benefit from simple rainwater harvesting techniques. Over 7,000 gallons of water a year can be harvested from a 1500 sq. ft home’s rooftop and surrounding surfaces. Small scale applications include channeling rain running off an un-guttered roof via swales in the landscape to sunken, mulched, water-harvesting basins at plant root zones. Converting a 50 gallon drum into a rain barrel is an easy DIY rainwater storage solution. There are also manufactured rain barrels now available at home improvement stores. There is a plethora of rain water harvesting information on the internet and there are local workshops geared towards Phoenix area homeowners to take advantage of our upcoming monsoons. Here are a few of our favorite links for more water harvesting information: