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8th January, 2014 Comments are closed

Are you attracted to Nature?

Do you have biophilia or stated another way, an attraction to nature?  When you experience a sense of well-being and relaxation while walking through a park or a small garden, that just may be biophilia.  The Biophilia Hypothesis suggests there is an “inherent human need to affiliate with nature.” However in our modern world, people are spending 90 percent of their time indoors and children spend about 40 minutes per week outside versus 52 hours a week indoors in front of electronic devices. This is why biophilic design is pushing to the forefront as now more than ever, the limited time we spend in our landscapes becomes increasingly important for our physical and mental well-being.  Long before “green” was good and “sustainable” was sexy, the world’s landscape architects understood the principal of biophilia and have strived to create engaging outdoor spaces.  AME Landscape Companies’ Landscape Architecture division wants to not only enhance your properties but to also create an environment that inspires a sense of well-being for your tenants and customers.