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16th June, 2014 Comments are closed

AME’s Top 10



These plants are unique in that they can give a desert or a lush garden feel to the landscape, depending on how they are combined.  All of these plants are low water use and low maintenance.  If these plants are hit with a freeze, they can easily be pruned down to encourage re-growth from the roots and will recover quickly.  Additionally, because of their vigorous growth rate, you won’t have to buy such a large plant at the nursery or dig such a big planting hole!

1.       Red Yucca/Hesperaloe parviflora  (Accent plant)

2.       Desert Marigold/Baileya multiradiata  (Accent plant)

3.       Fairy Dusters/Caliandra species  (Shrub)

4.       Texas Sages/Leucophyllum species  (Shrub)

5.       Petite Oleander/Nerium oleander ‘Petite’ series  (Shrub)

6.       Yellow or Orange Bells/Tecoma stans varieties  (Shrub)

7.       Red Bird of Paradise / Caesalpinia pulcherima  (Shrub)

8.       Yaupon holly/ Ilex vomitoria dwarf varieties  (Shrub)

9.       Willow Acacia/Acacia salacina  (Tree)

10.   Desert Willow/Chilopsis linearis(Tree)