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6th January, 2014 Comments are closed

2014 Landscape Trends

Just as Fashion designers set out to revolutionize their industry each year, Green Industry Professionals set out to differentiate their brands with new and exciting trends. Some of these trends are fads and destined to fizzle out but here are some of the top Landscape trends to keep an eye on for 2014.

1) Sustainable Landscapes- Reducing turfgrass areas to conserve water, Xeriscaping, and planting native plants are just a few ways our Landscape Architecture and Design staff can help provide sustainable landscape for your sites.

2) Contemporary Colors are in- It makes perfect sense then that according to Garden Media, blue pansies and purple violas are the rage this winter; and red geraniums and yellow marigolds are passè. Also popular are colorful edibles, including blueberries, grapes, orange peppers and purple eggplant.
Blacks, whites and grays continue to surge. These color trends align with contemporary landscape planting choices. Mono color and pairings of black and white in the garden will continue their popularity.

3) Edibles in the Garden-Money does grow on trees…and on bushes and vines and groundcovers, too. With edible landscaping, saving money never looked and tasted so good and with the surge in organic and natural produce, edible gardens are taking off!

4) Gardens Go Mobile- As in on top of city buses! Spanish landscape artist Marc Granen and green roofer Alex Puig recently created gardens on top of buses. Using a light hydroponic foam instead of soil, the rooftop garden doesn’t drastically affect bus performance. A waterproof sealant keeps the garden from soaking riders, and baffles are used to ensure the liquid moves around to prevent stagnation. Water from air conditioning units hydrate each garden.

5) Green Technology and Efficient Water Use- Sustainability doesn’t apply to only plant material. Using an electric or push reel lawn mower reduces air pollution. Smart technology and proper irrigation techniques can save thousands of gallons of water annually.